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Fresh and  hot right out of the steamer. If you would rather mingle with your guests instead of laboring over a hot grill, then this fan favorite is for you. No need to worry about burning your dogs. With our hotdog steamer you can slowly cook, and keep your hotdogs at the perfect serving temperature all day long. So relax and enjoy your guests and let our Hotdog steamer do the work for you.

Fresh popcorn popping just like the theater is sure to please attendees of all ages at your event. Perfect for themed events, popcorn is a light and healthy snack that most everyone will enjoy.

Cotton Candy spun fresh, right in front of their eyes. If you have kids at your event, this rental product is a crowd pleaser for sure. Simple to setup and start making fresh cotton candy on request.

Popcorn, cotton candy, hotdogs and


fun bubbles

Let's face it, kids absolutely love bubbles! Our bubble machines are safe and are a perfect addition any kids party. No matter what the theme of your event may be, bubbles are a favorite at any age.

Bubbles bubbles bubbles

elegant bubbles

Just imagine a magical first dance with the timeless elegant effect of bubbles floating around the dance floor while you twirl the dance floor on the most important day of your life. Bubbles are an amazing effect that is sure to create blissful memories that will stand the test of of time.

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